UFOs Appear Out Of Nowhere Over New Jersey

On March 14, 2009, a man records a flying saucer behind his house and suddenly a huge tubular shaped UFO appears very low to surface and disappears while another appears from thin air with a speeding object shooting from it.

Witness Statement: "The UFO is very close not more than 5,000 feet. This UFO is harvesting something from our atmosphere. at 1:11 you will see the ship loading a luminous object into its bottom. I believe the orb is a spotter, and the other larger craft is a harvester."



  1. how does this person know to use the terms. "Spotter" and "Harvester" How does he know that?

  2. LMAO< it is well known to us fellow UFO researchers that the youtube channel UFODI is a fake/hoax channel, HA, you have been fooled !!!

  3. the footage is Real.
    Non tampered with.

    The rest is speculation.


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