Amazing cloaked UFOs photographed in Logansport, Indiana

In Logansport Indiana on a partly cloudy day the colorful object appeared in the blue part of the cloudless sky around 3:00 on February 4, 2015. We didn't notice the additional objects until the pictures were developed.

First noticed it at 3rd & Market intersection while stopped at a stoplight heading east. My wife took the pictures, from out the side door (The window was rolled down). 

My wife and I seen the objects several blocks ahead. The best view of it was when drove east a couple blocks from the right lane. I was shocked and fascinated at the same time. I drove under the approximate sighting area and that's when I lost sight of it. Mufon case 63671.

Links original '4608x3456' images.


  1. These look like water droplets on the windshield!! He says his wife took them from the unrolled side window but i can plainly see that these were taken through the windshield

    1. I live in logansport, there hasn't been leaves since September, let alone green, there was also snow first week of February... this is BS

  2. Clearly this is BS! It's obvious they are rain droplets! Duh! Good ol' Indiana Chem... #aka #Methhead


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