Mysterious Fireball Explodes Over Kerala, India - February 27, 2015 (Video)

There is a secret space war going on?

Once again strange objects falling out of the sky after a mysterious fireball explodes over Kerala in India.

The sighting of suspected fireball-like phenomenon, reportedly accompanied with booming sound in some cases, triggered panic across the city and its suburbs on Friday night.

As news spread like wildfire, people came out of their homes in droves in many places with their eyes cast towards the sky. Similar sightings were reported from many parts of the city such as Vyttila, Kakkanad, Vypeen, Palarivattom, and Kathrikkadavu and even from suburbs such as Paravur, Kizhakkambalam, Mazhuvannoor, Kolancherry and Fort Kochi.

According to TheHindu, Aneesha and Sumesh who were at a restaurant at Fort Kochi claimed to have sighted a lit-up sky reminiscent of fireworks at around 10 p.m. “The sky soon turned blue as it happens just before rain. We felt as if it happened very close to us.

Fire units were dispatched from the Gandhi Nagar unit following panic-stricken calls from residents at Vyttila. However, their officials could not trace any visible evidence of a drop of fireball to the earth.

There are also reports that people found strange-looking stones from Kuruppampadi near Perumbavur and Akkampara near Kolancherry, writes ManoramaOnline.

And a metallic strip looking like a part an aluminum pot was recovered from Poochakkal near Cherthala.

Samples have been collected from two sites–one each in Mazhuvannur and Karumaloor villages from where reports of objects falling out of the sky, district collector M.G. Rajamanickam told The Hindu.

Prof. Joe Jacob, faculty member, Department of Physics, Newman College, Thodupuzha, pointed towards the involvement of a meteor. “However, that conclusion is purely going by the witness accounts and cannot be scientifically confirmed,” he said.

Video of strange metallic strip found on impact site.

Video of impact site.

Video of fire on impact site.


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