UFO 'Flying Saucer' Found on Mars!

A possible ‘metallic’ UFO has been photographed by one of the Malin Space Science cameras which are currently operating in orbit around Mars.

It’s interesting to note that the object bears a striking resemblance to the Jupiter 2 space ship from the popular science fiction series lost in space.


Link to the original MSSS (Malin Space Science Systems) photo:


  1. Looks like whatever it is has been there for a while maybe. The earth around it appears to have been eroded into place. if its a ship then it doesn't appear to have moved for a longtime. maybe it isn't a ship at all, maybe its a structure built into the land. Or a entrance to something much larger under the surface. A dock perhaps? i think its certain to say this IS something and not anything natural at all. no matter what its extremely interesting and deserves megatons of investigation and attentions.


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