Transforming UFO captured over Los Angeles - March 26, 2015

Transforming UFO captured by Robert Bingham near Sony Studios in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA. The UFO is a captured facade that actually transforms in front of your eyes.

This is a foundational video for those who are stuck with inductive reasoning. Just because it is colored like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, doesn't mean it is not a decoy. This 5:20 second video reveals a transformation beyond belief within 64 seconds of the tape.

Most people would have intuitively reasoned and judged this object within 15 seconds and not wasted their time to view the object any further much less taped it.

Robert Bingham noticed subtle indications of imitation prior to transformation and continued to videotape the object. As the tape progresses, you will find that this object transforms into the same pattern over and over again. Please note that towards the end of the tape, it reveals its interior (black) as it closes up, something you have to see in order to believe.

Note: My first thought, it's a balloon, but Robert Bingham is convienced he has captured a UFO, what do you think?



  1. If it had resumed its original figure 8 shape, or any new Symmetrical shape, I would have been convinced that it was some sort of technological craft.
    How ever, It seemed to have an original shape to it, and they just come apart like Mylar foil just bowing around on the wind.
    I suspect, that it was some large balloon like piece of an inflatable advertisement.
    Just a hypothesis.

    It is other wise, a New one to me.
    ~ Varakienen.

  2. look like a giant S shaped balloon prob from a display. the wind up that high would be violent and make it appear to be changing shapes when its just twisting and bending. it could appear to stick in the same area dude to a solar updraft or wind in general and with it being a shiny metallic color it would reflect light like crazy and maybe even inflate from heat build up and appear to change shape more so.

    the guy in the video is injecting far to much speculation as fact in his brief observation of this. no wonder people cant take some folks seriously. he did a 10 second analysis and deemed it a technological object gathering data lol

  3. Agreed. Mylar baloon. Nothing else to see here. Jaime Mussan had been busted before releasing baloons and then filming them as ufos etc. Total tool.


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