UFOs or Portals in the sky over Florida and Tennessee? (Video)

The person who took the photo of the sunset in Bartlet, Tennessee on May 11, 2015 never noticed the object until she looked at the photo upon arriving home.

On the way home she saw the sunset and felt compelled to take a photo. She stopped in her neighborhood on the side of the road and took the picture. 

Upon arriving home she saw the greenish grey object and described it as a large gray eye looking at her. Mufon case 65552.

An almost similar event took place in Florida on May 15, 2015. See the next video.

For both sightings; could it be a reflection on the camera from the sun or did they captured something extraordinary?


  1. bartlett TN is basically Memphis. there is a HUGE airport there and its where FedEx MAIN hub is. there areliterally thousands of airplanes in and out daily and at times you can see rows of fedexplaines in waiting in the nights sky. at the right angles it looks like they are floating for minutes at a time and you could swea you are seeing some insane stuff happening. i loved in bartlett for 8 years....its a daily occurence

  2. Michael, I can relate. I live under the umbrella of the Northern Ky. Greater Cincinnati airport. Late at night I see and hear all kinds of fascinating things from my wood deck. Bright orange glowing air vehicles which seem to stay stationary for up to an hour. Cargo planes that rumble the night sky, every night at 3 am. On occasions if lucky, one can see jet fighters from Wright Patterson buzzing the night skies. There is always an eerie glow from the airports direction. 95 percent can be easily explained, but on rare occasions, you just mumble to yourself "what the hell"

  3. oh i forgot to mention there is an airforce base in millington Tn which is just north of this area also. im not saying that something unknown or whatever cant be happening . im just saying there is PLENTY of air traffic in this area, waaay to much to start saying any minor sighting like this is anything.


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