UFO circular cloud over Texas appears and disappears before witness’ eyes

Report: It was not witnessed by me, but a friend of mine who wish to remain anonymous gave me a photograph of a strange looking cloud he photographed over Texas on May 10, 2015.

Me, myself personally; I'm not sure what he actually saw, but my friend told me, “it looked like a cloud at first, but its appearance was circular and disappeared before my eyes.”

I have uploaded the image not to get attention but I'm doing this to prove my friend is telling the truth and that there is more to this than we thought possible. Mufon case 66323.

It seems unlikely that such a massive cloud appears and disappears within a few seconds, except if it is true that UFOs use clouds to hide themselves in order to travel unseen above Earth's surface.

So, this photograph proves that UFOs use clouds to hide themselves or his friend photographed a normal lenticular cloud?