Project Camelot: Grey Alien Spotted on John Edmonds Interview Footage

John Edmonds has been dealing with the dark side of the UFO big picture, going down the rabbit hole for 19 years.

John and his wife have been fighting with Grey aliens for many years. There are several vortexes on his ranch where beings of all kinds come and go. Some are friendly and some are not.

Last week during an interview on Google Hangouts Live between Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and John Edmonds, Kerry suddenly spotted a grey alien behind John Edmonds.

Grey Alien spotted on the live interview footage. 

Kerry Cassidy:

Correct time code info between 1.16 and 1.17.02… time code varies depending on version you view it on, excerpted here: 1.18 to 1.34 when John says the words .."I don't have the ability.." in reply to the space ship under the ground question.

Please note this interview was done on Google Hangouts Live… I did not use a camera other than the built in camera in my computer. The cameras are simply the video cameras that come with our computers and are used by Google Hangouts with YouTube.

So the footage visible is shot from the camera on John's computer which had a view of John and whatever was in the room in the background.

We have no control over this technology it is part of the computer.

I spoke to John and he is reviewing the footage.

John: “I see the image you are talking about That DEFINITELY was not me in that video clip!"

Annotated on the videos below, see and judge for yourself.

Grey Alien spotted on the live interview footage. Correct time code info between 1.16 and 1.17.02
Video below:
Grey Alien on Film.
Excerpt John Edmonds Interview Footage.