The Hollow Moon Theory: Is the Moon Hollow?

The Moon is not a natural satellite - and therefore artificial. Some intelligent beings put it into orbit around the Earth.

Possibly the strongest evidence for it to be a 'hollow object' comes from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, the latter rings like a bell.

More specifically when the Apollo crew in November 20, 1969 released the lunar module, after returning to the orbiter, the module impact with the Moon caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour.

Countless pieces of evidence from astronomers and NASA scientists reveal that some 2-3 miles down there appear to be dense layers of metal have led that scientific experts, including NASA investigators believe that the Moon is hollow with a shell about 20 miles thick.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Moon is not what it appears.



  1. I dont think the guest has enough info, and has made his conclusions towards the negative based on his own fears, ei; his mind extrapolating and attempting to fill in pieces of a puzzle which is still missing pieces.
    Certainly there are service to self ET's out there.
    But My own evidence suggests they are to an extent held in check by certain rules of conduct, by many other species and organizations out there.
    Just dont be sucked into the doom and gloom hostile aliens notion. The Elite them Selves desire that greatly.

  2. While I believe we have visited the moon. It is not when the government said we did. I have more technology in my 39 dollar phone from WalMart, Than the whole NASA program had in the 60's.


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