Giants that once roamed the earth: The Catalina Giants

Back in 2012 the curator of the Catalina Island Museum opened the door to a musty backroom hoping to find material for an upcoming exhibition.

As he made his way to a back corner, he noticed a row of trunks. He carried the largest trunk, belonging to Ralph Glidden an amateur archaeologist, to a table, blew off the dust and lifted the lid.

Inside were leather-bound journals and yellowing photographs showing freshly unearthed skeletons lying on their backs or sides, or curled as if in sleep. Many were surrounded by grinding stones, pots and beadwork.

L.A. Marzulli, who in his on-going search for giants that once roamed the earth, went out to Catalina Island and he was allowed to search through the archives and while digging through another trunk of Ralph Glidden's stuff he found a picture in a protective plastic sleeve, tucked into a manila envelope, which was then hidden away in a sealed vault.

The picture shows a giant skeleton just under nine feet in height!


  1. he lost me as soon as he started using science to try to justify his biblical beliefs.
    Doesnt work for me.

  2. If you think it's all just Science then you really are Lost sadly, however some times peoples lives past them by, not realizing that there's something far greater than just science. And once again a great clip has been removed by those who are hiding these facts of the past.


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