Strange Light In Cloud Releases Several UFOs (Video)

Spectacular images have emerged online of a strange light and several UFOs coming out of a cloud formation in the skies over Belgium on Aug 7, 2016.

At first glance it looks like a so-called ‘crown flash’ appears on top of the cloud when suddenly close to the light several blinking orbs emerging from the cloud and shooting straight up into the sky and disappear.

May be the strange light can still be interpreted as a ‘crown flash’ (A ‘crown flash’ is when ice particles get aligned in the same direction from the electrostatic field created during a thunderstorm. It’s usually invisible to the naked eye but the way the sun hits it, it makes it visible to the naked eye) but the appearance of the blinking orbs remains a mystery.

Or it must be the case that it is not just a natural weather phenomenon but an artificial cloud, induced by human or alien activity.