Giant alien spacecraft shoots a beam of light towards a smaller object

There have been quite a few reports of unidentified objects flying close to the sun and although it is believed that NASA and the US government are aware of these alien spacecraft travelling around the sun they refuse to admit the fact.

The latest image captured by SOHO Lasco C3 satellite on September 21, 2016 shows such an alien spacecraft and it provides as much details of the object it clearly rules out solar flares or any other natural space object.

Myunhauzen74 who released a video that shows clear images of the object, wonders whether there is a space war going on. It seems as the huge spacecraft shoots a beam of light towards a smaller object.



  1. Because there is so incredibly hot and is dark just like in burning hell, good UFO, the large one object, by sending the Beam helped the other one far smaller UFO, I think, to light up & to see what a deadly hell it has come all to close to, and by this forced it to get out of the there just as fast as the lightening speed is seen by human eyes...


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