Stunning triangle UFO caught on camera by plane passenger

While on his way to Philadelphia last year, December 2015 an airplane passenger captured a triangle UFO with his mobile phone.

According to testimony in Case 80091 from MUFON witness stated:

I flew to Philadelphia on December 2, 2015 and I have a habit of taking pictures out the plane window.

I didn’t realize at the time that I got this picture and I’m curious to find out if I actually have a picture of a UFO or not.

Did the plane passenger captured a UFO or it could be a camera reflection?


  1. its part of the Planes wing reflecting the city lights from below i've flown at night a few times :)

  2. Spot on 'The-Kaiser' it is indeed the wing tip reflecting light - For the non-believers take the image in to photoshop and lighten the levels - all is revealed. This should not of even made it on to the site!!!


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