Big fish with odd patterns in its body caught by fishermen in Philippines - Can you decipher it?

Fishermen of Mindanao, Philippines caught a big fish and to their surprise they noticed that there were strange patterns in its body.

After the photo of the fish was posted by GMA News on their Facebook page the online community came up with different theories and conclusions.

According to Philnews maybe the cause of the odd patterns came from plastic waste being thrown in the ocean or it could be a warning that something is going to happen.

How this fish got symbols, letters, numbers, etc in his body remains a mystery but could it be that the fish was sent by something supernatural to deliver a message to humanity?

Can you decipher it?


  1. Looks like runes... So it must be Oden thats delivering a message to humanity! Or an artistic sailor having some creative time, who knows?

    1. It's from the sea, so I would rather say it's a message from Njord - who is the god of the sea. Not Oden.

  2. precisaríamos ter mais imagens do peixe, especificamente do couro dele, se possível, couro aberto, assim teríamos uma visão mais precisa, e obviamente, mais imagens detalhadas.

  3. the fish was covered by some thing, likely to keep it out of the sun, while the men continued fishing. What ever it was transposed it self like a decal, onto the fish. It looks like an advertisement, or a man made logo.
    Ive seen this happen before, and fairly often. News papers do it too.

  4. This photo clearly shows someone has messed with this poor fish. All those ornaments are not ancient carvings or something which all are modern looking vector shapes and if you just flip this photo horizontally you can clearly see all those fonts are Iron Maiden font the band using it as their logo. so, this is my opinion, things I can see in this photo. nothing strange about it.


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