The Ancient Ruins of an Alien City on Mars

Over the years NASA’s Mars Rovers have captured countless breathtaking images of anomalies that seem to be carved or artificially made structures on the surface of the planet Mars.

Photographic evidence of many structures like walls, fences, ruins of ancient cities, once inhabited by alien civilizations, statues and other anomalies, weathered, eroded or partially buried under the sands of Mars.

This image was taken by ChemCam: Remote Micro-Imager (CHEMCAM_RMI) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1795 (2017-08-24 11:26:06 UTC). It shows something like a statue that seems to hold some kind of lance or scepter.

The following video shows a small composition of these breathtaking images.



  1. Its about time the truth about Mars came out. Its stupid to think that were the only ones in this grand universe. Every star has approximately 2-3 planets in the habitable zone. That area between Venus and Mars where life would sprout because of the distance from the sun. Gas giants can also serve as a host planet to the moons that receive enough warmth from the gas giants to sustain life. Moons that are Earth sized will definetely become planets that receive enough warmth and light from the star to start life and become planets that will start life.


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