Ring of Fire: Guatemala Eruption 'Like Pompeii'

At the moment there are 20 volcanoes erupting around the world, most are concentrated in the Ring of Fire and it seems the situation is getting worse.

Besides that the Merapi and Sinanbung volcanoes erupt in Indonesia, with the on going eruptions in Hawaii, the situation in Hawaii is not getting any better, a USGS time-lapse of the Kilauea summit reveals a 1500 yard section that's 400 yards wide make a significant shift downwards which is a major move.

Meanwhile Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted violently on Sunday, prompting deadly pyroclastic flows which buried rural areas and today the volcano has erupted again.

The death toll from the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala has risen to 69. The volcano began erupting Sunday, sending columns of smoke and ash 10 km into the air, killing dozens by engulfing them in floods of searing ash and mud.

At least 1.7mn people have been affected by the volcano’s sudden violent activity, with more than 3,200 people forced to flee their homes.

And today the Fuego volcano has erupted again setting off new evacuations and alarm as rescuers continue to search for survivors