Security guard sees and films an "alien creature" in Argentina

A strange incident has occurred on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at about 5 in the morning in the city of Cordoba, Villa Maria, Argentina, more exactly in an area of the former Aero Club, including Ramon Carrillo neighborhood and the campus of the National University of Villa Maria.

Eduardo, the security guard of one of the neighboring companies (BPB), saw several lights moving over the field behind the company's building, near a mountain, so he decided to investigate it.

When he arrived at the scene, about 200 meters from his position, he found several circular marks on the burned grass that still emanated smoke and are very visible in the video recorded by Eduardo.

But what most surprised the security guard was the encounter with a creature that seems to be crouched on the ground and then escapes to the bushes.

The security guard Eduardo states:

"I saw something like an animal ... but it was not, so I screamed and then started shooting in the air with my pistol. It was a strange thing out of the ordinary."

In the video you can see/hear a fearful Eduardo at the moment he is running to the strange creature on which the creature then escapes.

It is not yet known if the company that owns the land has initiated an investigation or analysis of possible traces of UFOs.

The Vision Ovni who reported the incident also said that in recent months several ufological phenomena have been reported in the area, such as cattle mutilations, where animals were found with unexplained surgical cuts.

According to a report of unosantafe, about 50 km from the bizarre incident, in the town of Colonia Duran a farmer lost seven pregnant cows under mysterious circumstances which appear to be connected to the cattle mutilation phenomenon that had seemingly unfolded overnight on his property.

The farmer said that their tongues and genitals were removed with precise cuts, it looked like they had been done it with a laser.

The flesh around the animals' jaws had also been removed during the mysterious mutilation, yet there was no blood to be found near the mutilated cows. Scavengers refused to go near the dead animals and their bodies attracted no flies.

A number of residents claim to have seen unexplained lights hovering in the area of the cattle mutilation which corresponds to what the security guard has seen and experienced.

Below the bizarre footage filmed by the security guard.