Another high-speed Fastwalker reveals itself above Syktyfkar, Russia

“Fastwalkers” it is such an interesting phenomenon because we simply do not know what it is, apart from the fact that it is almost impossible to film these mysterious objects.

Therefore it is remarkable that within one week a second Fastwalker has been filmed by a drone.

This week a drone owner captured a Fastwalker above Clymer, New York, see our article “High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone” and now a drone owner using a Phantom 4pro 4K captured an extremely high-speed flying object above Syktyfkar, Russia.

Normally due to its enormous speed we only see a streak of light but this time the video gives a clear picture of the possible energy source of the Fastwalker too, see above image.



  1. too fast for me to see even slowed down.

  2. Ah, now I see it, I was looking in the wrong spot. Duh!

  3. Could this be lens flare since the camera in both Clymar NY and the Syktyfkar, Russia incident always seems to have the sun setting on the left hand side of the image?


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