Could THIS be this the answer to the mysterious purple lights in the sky?

A resident of Greensboro, North Carolina has taken some amazing images of what he describes as a circular-shaped UFO that emits a triangular purple light from the bottom of the UFO.

He reports: On October 10, 2018 I was walking back to my apartment from work. I saw two other students looking up at the sky and thought they were watching the clouds for rain.

I looked up and first noticed the triangular purple light and then the circular shape.

The first thing I thought was 'I can't be seeing this. Am I really seeing a UFO?' and decided to call my roommate who, luckily told me to take pictures because I was awestruck.

The object was stationary but took up a huge part of the sky.

From work to my apartment is about a mile and the object appeared very close the entire time I was walking.

The light blinked in about two second intervals from purple to disappearing, or turning off.

I don't know if it disappeared because before I walked into my apartment, I looked back up in the sky and it was gone. With it being so close in the sky, I was a bit uneasy but also really excited and awestruck. I couldn't stop looking up at the sky, I have reported this sighting to Mufon.

Since these purple lights are showing up more and more in the sky over the US we may wonder, given the testimony of the resident of Greensboro, whether the purple lights indeed come from UFOs.