UFO or Drone shut down Gatwick Airport London - 750 flights being cancelled

Complete chaos at Gatwick Airport in London since a Drone/UFO flown over the airport. The military have been deployed in the hope of bringing an end to the drone/UFO chaos at Gatwick airport.

One passenger took a video showing what appears to be the Unidentified Flying Object at the airport.

Gatwick airport has been closed since Wednesday night when an unidentified flying object repeatedly flown over the airfield.

Despite several methods they were unable to localize the source from where the unknown flying object came from.

Even they brought in snipers, hight-tech jammers, tracking devices to catch up signals, laser-laded drones to find the source but till now without success which leads to the question whether it is indeed a Drone or could it be a UFO?

The mystery enters the third day (Friday) and still they cannot solve the Drone/UFO incident. The airport remains closed and the chaos is complete. Tens of thousands of travelers have been affected after 750 flights being cancelled.

Gatwick drone/UFO chaos: Source drone/UFO not yet found but flights resume as airport reopens.

To check the airport status: https://twitter.com/Gatwick_Airport



  1. Funny, the news sources from the U.K. and the E.U. both said it was someone's private drone and not a UFO of any sort.

    1. A private drone can fly for no longer than 30 minutes to an hour depending on the type of battery! This lasted for 6 hours! And do you really think they would out-right tell the truth about an alien craft?? This is dis-info at its best!

    2. They would say that anyway, as all alien craft sightings get covered up , so it was just reported as a drone even though they knew it wasn't!


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