Alien Abductions are so real, what do they want with us?

These people regularly report “missing time”—not being able to account for the elapsed time during which they later learn their visitation occurred.

The encounters reported by the contactees were overwhelming friendly, their aliens benevolent.

So, why did things change? What do they want with us?

These are the most convincing alien stories that are not well known and that the media has not covered.



  1. Im in contact with a "Inter-Stellar Civilization" for 40 years already..when they wish to visit they come to me,we have a friendship relationship,ive learnt so much from them in 40 years..people laugh when they should read this..time difference is because the human brain shuts out traumatic emotional distress should you place such abductees under hypnosis,then accessing there sub conscious mind,will reveal what happened to them,ive been doing hypnotism for 40 years already,and many abductees have told in great detail events which happened to them while abducted by "Aliens" etc..

  2. If they really want to learn about our physiology then simply get a few medical books. That should save a lot of trouble.

    1. Same as we trap,tag and follow animals. A text book would not give information on movement and social orders.

  3. My experiences were always positive and beneficial in my spiritual life.
    Others I saw experienced this trough fear and had bad frightening experience.


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