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Fleet of mysterious lights appear above sea near North Carolina filmed from a ferry

William Guy was on a ferry traveling from Ocracoke Village to Swan Quarters North Carolina on September 18, 2019 when he noticed a fleet of strange bright lights in the sky on which he started to record the strange event.

William said that that there were about 25 people on the ferry with him that have seen it too and they also recorded the fleet of lights and none has ever seen it before.

We may assume that these lights are not flares since no source can be found in the entire area that may have fired flares.

What could these lights have been?


  1. the other night i had a dream. in the dream i was outside, it was dark out. there were other people outside looking up at the sky. in the sky there were a bunch of lights just like the one in your video but there were a bunch of them. at first they all looked like stars but then they all started swirling around together. then you could see which ones were real stars and which ones were not. the swirling ones were all swirling together in a circle pattern. then they started coming coming towards us the people on the ground looking up. then i saw each light pick out a person and shine their light on a person and most of the people that the lights were shining on fell down dead. then, i told two of the girls i was with that we needed to get in the pick up truck fast!!! so we got in the truck and i said pray!! call on the name of the Lord!!! so we all did, i was just saying over and over Jesus Jesus Jesus help us!!! then i felt the light land on the top of the truck cab. i could feel it. it felt like we were getting scanned by something powerful. but we didnt fall dead. the light went on over and past us and we lived. when the light was on the truck i knew we would be ok because we had Jesus.

  2. Definitely not et controlled craft for have not nasa, seti, astronomers and Military told us. no such thing? Millions know otherwise as they've opened Swiss Billy Meier's site, and learned of his 800+ recorded et face to face contacts since 1943. Chats with et under 'Billy's Contacts'. Well written up by Randolph Winters in his The Pleiadian Mission.

  3. I did comment and you censored it. Cia controlled?

  4. Might those great balls of fire in the sky be Thermonuclear warheads in a controlled burn off? If so who might have the technology to pull them out of the air and hold them for burn off? Might our Martian neighbors be the answer to that? Are we aware that Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians are still protecting us? Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for sparing us from what the industrial-strength investment grade nuclear warfighting sports hobbyists have planned for us?

  5. even the guy who took the video, accepts that they are flares. Why can't you?

  6. Hi Patrick, I miss you on the other site. (Amy)


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