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What Do We Really Know? Richard Dolan on Extraterrestrials

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

UFOs or UAP definitely constitute a mystery in our society.

If that's true, it is much more true regarding people's claims of alien contact.

How do we process this information?

How do we decide what to believe?



  1. I have to say that this video by Richard Dolann is one of the best overall takes on the subject and I say that based on personal experience with a long time experiencer over a period of 8 years. This person has gone from all of a sudden seeing many different UFOs and aerial phenomenon slowly over the years to now experiencing beings in his home who are pretty obviously studying him and his dog too. This person takes his dog's reactions to seeing them daily and himself has seen the same things he believes as they dog is seeing but not in as much detail as the dog does because the dog is obviously affected by them coming into a room etc and the guy himself doesn't always see that. Sometimes he sees a mist coming in when the dog alerts to an area but that's it. Lately he has told me he sees beings out of the corner of his eyes, staring down at him as he lays in bed. Now he has told me that he is torn between thinking these are alien beings but possibly military operations that have become way advanced for surveillance. That's his conundrum for sure. This fellow is experiencing this daily and of course so is his poor dog. I totally believe him but he has only had witnesses to some UFO activity and some validation through photos he took.

    The other thing I wanted to mention here is that there is one area Dolan has not covered and I think its a valid notion that should be delved into more in trying to solve this mystery. This fellow also has psychic abilities that he has only discovered in the last year. Now don't discard all I have said about his experiences because you don't believe in psychics because no doubt there are fakes like in any area of interest but this guy is legit. He sees beings in and outside of his home, in mountains etc that only other mediums see. He has asked other mediums to look at photos and friends as well and only the ones with abilities can see these beings. This is an area I have never heard of when it comes to seeing other beings and to me it makes sense if we are talking about interdimensional beings. He has seen cats walking around in his home, full real cats - not see through ghost types plus other beings that range from ones that are
    6 inches high to full wall size shadows. He has a dog as I said before and the dog alerts to what he is seeing every time. Dogs don't lie. People might but dogs, in my experience, probably don't. I believe this area of including psychics in the investigation of UFOs and alien existence is hugely important.

    That's my 3 cents worth but in closing I really do feel that with all I have seen and heard this video is a great source of what to think about/include in any submission to an expert like Dolan of your experience/s. Keep looking up, or under, or right beside you. Namaste folks.


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