Disc-shaped UFO arriving through traversable wormhole over Rincon, Georgia

A strange event happened in the sky over Rincon in Georgia when the witness saw a streak of light and a disc-shaped UFO moving in front of it.

Frankie Jackson was taking his wife to work on the early morning of December 30, 2019 around 5.30 am when he saw something streaking through the trees.

The moment he got out of the car he witnessed the strange event in the sky, tried to hurry and captured it with his phone.

There are disc-shaped flying saucer craft and stealth space stations that were jointly developed with the National Reconnaissance Office. More incredible are the “stargates” or traversable wormholes that have been secretly developed and used for decades according to Exopolitics.

Did he witnessed such a disc-shaped craft arriving through a traversable wormhole?