Enormous mysterious structure found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

As part of our project 'crashed UFOs and secret operational bases in Antarctica' my friend Frederick has found something extraordinary at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Zooming in on the underwater structure it looks like a giant bridge of 38 KM has been built in ancient times.

The entire area around and below the bridge looks very strange as if there is some sort of entrance under the bridge.

The roads connected to the bridge seem to go to a possible underwater base and to a strange looking zigzag underwater structure that looks like a conductor.

The size of the zigzag structure is enormous and covers an area of about 255 km x 136 km. It is remarkable that the lines in the zigzag structure all have the same dimensions.

Enhanced images of the same objects - click images to enlarge.

Suppose these objects were built artificially, then who built them?

Bridge: 43°47'18.02"S 1° 9'6.08"W
Zigzag Structure: 51°56'5.50"S 5°33'2.62"W
Possible Base: 42°25'28.66"S 0°27'1.34"W