Something Big Is Coming Our Way

According to Brazilian sky-watcher Tio Abadom an intrusive celestial body is being monitored by space telescopes and ground telescopes around world. The unknown object, currently near the planets Jupiter and Saturn seems to accelerate on average.

Coincidence or not but last week, a strange sky phenomenon has been captured in Trenton, New Jersey by Alonzo Ent, who was able to capture some sort of celestial object close to the sun (often called as a second sun).

Alonzo, who is an experienced cameraman stated: "It was moving extremely fast and although it was very hard to pull focus, I was able to keep it some what, steady... It only lasted about 5 minutes and then gone."

Although Tio talks about the infamous planet Nibiru we may wonder whether it could be a giant alien mothership.

Could it be that what is happening now on Earth is a direct link to this unidentified space object?