What Caused This Enormous Discharge in Deep Space?

Last February, NASA's satellite Stereo A HI1 captured something strange in space for several days.

What we see is an immense force field coming in from the right, surrounded by some sort of energy ring. What follows is an enormous outburst or 'discharge' turning it into a giant bubble, even it is spinning, though it's almost imperceptible but watch it carefully.

While it is possible that this huge bubble is a lens flare from the huge planet moving from left to the right. due to its brightness it doesn't explain the outburst or 'discharge.'

My ques is that it has been caused by Nibiru due to an alignment. Since Venus rotates backwards to the other planets, like the Nibiru does; they both rotate clockwise, there may be a resonance between the Nibiru and Venus, and Venus would be affected more by the Nibiru than the other planets which rotate anticlockwise, e.g. Earth.