Strange Slow Moving Flaming Objects Fall From The Skies

Something strange is going on. The last week many people around the world witnessed slow moving flaming objects that fell from the skies.

Experts believe the unusual occurrences were meteors, potentially linked to the annual Lyrid meteor shower due to commence this week, but looking at these unusual flaming objects then it is hard to imagine that they all were linked to the Lyrid Meteor shower.

1. Bright flaming object falls from the sky over Iowa.

US National Weather Service Des Moines Iowa wrote on their Facebook page: Does anyone know what happened this morning (April 21, 20200 around 6:20 am in the sky looking East. I was on my way to Pella when I noticed the "explosion". Looks like an explosion of some sort. I would hate to think an airplane but I'm not sure what else it would be. You can see a dark streak then a big poof a smoke and a bright object falling. I know there is a meteor shower tonight.....maybe this one is a bit premature?

2. Slow moving bizarre fireball spotted over Hull, UK 

On Sunday evening (April 19, 2020), a mysterious burning object was spotted traversing the sky over the northern part of Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Eyewitnesses suggested that the object moved too slowly to be a meteor.

Rebecca Holmes saw it from her garden in Bransholme, near Kingston upon Hull and said 'It was weird it looked like either a plane or a rocket or something.'

3. Flaming objects spotted over UK and Canada

From left to right: Object 3A - Object 3B and Object 3C

3AMysterious Flaming Object Spotted Over Cambridgeshire England A mysterious flaming object spiraling through the sky over Cambridgeshire, England, was spotted by witness this past Wednesday (April 15, 2020)at 8:00 PM. The witnesses described the sight as appearing as a thick chemtrail but with "flames coming out of the back of it.

3B. Flaming object in apparent vertical free fall over London, UK recorded on April 14, 2020. See object 5.

3C. And a burning object falling from the sky over Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on April 14, 2020 and reported to Mufon. The witness states: Driving into Winnipeg at around 8:30 in the morning on April 14 There was a big black streak in the sky, not moving. I thought it was a contrail at first, but it had no beginning or end and no sign that it was dissipating. It just hung there for about 15 min then it was gone.

4. Strange burning object falls object from sky 

A flaming object falls from the sky and although the location is unknown, we can see a v-shaped object with a burning trail behind. Video.

5. And another very strange smoking object that fell from the sky over Iceland on April 14, 2020. Video.