Tourist accidentally caught rare flat rectangular UFO near Jerome, Arizona

Whether alien or man-made, one thing is for sure, there are many strange objects equipped with advanced technology flying through our sky. Now, what appears to be a flat, rectangular UFO has been caught on camera by a tourist while visiting an observation point on the highway 89a above Jerome, Arizona on June 11, 2020. 

Tourist states: We had been visiting Jerome, Arizona and drove up to scenic overlook on highway 89a above Jerome. when we exited the car. I walked up to wall at near end of parking lot when I saw a flash of light ahead of me and asked if anyone saw it, but I was only one out of 4 who did. 

My wife was taking photos with her iPhone 7 when she looked at the photos, it showed what I thought I had seen. there is a flash near the wall, that moves to my right, then flashes higher above my right vision. The image, which I sent to Mufon, shows a 4 sided flying object in only one frame and then it is gone.