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NASA solar probe caught giant UFO leaving the Sun

A plasma burst from the surface of the Sun? No, it is more likely a enormous alien spaceship that appears to leave the Sun.

Images taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) - (SDO AIA 171) and uploaded to Helioviewer (Solar and heliospheric image visualization tool) this week, show a cigar-shaped UFO of truly staggering proportions emerging from the sun.

In reality there many different types of alien spaceships and many of them are active around the sun. For example,several years ago, a huge alien craft has been photographed by NASA's Lasco C2 satellite on May 29, 2016 and shows the spacecraft at the moment it shoots a beam of light into the sun.

Since they access our solar system by using the sun as a stargate, these giant UFOs are no stranger to the earths atmosphere or space itself. 

It is quite possible that this kind of alien craft, often depicted on very old drawings, have been seen since ancient times.


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