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Ring doorbell captures bright anomaly shooting up in the sky

A ring doorbell picked up a bright anomaly shooting up in the sky over New Jersey and a series of flashing lights that changed to a V-shape before disappearing captured over Maldonado, Uruguay. 

Case 1: Date of sighting - 2021/01/30 West Depford - New Jersey 
Close to Philadelphia International Airport 
Ring doorbell picked up a bright object shooting up in the sky. 
You can see a flash across the street as it ascends. Mufon case 113478.

Case 2: Date of sighting - 2021/01/09 Maldonado, Uruguay 
Two residents of the La Falda neighborhood, Piriápolis, Maldonado, Uruguay captured a series of intense flashing lights that changed to a V-shape before disappearing. 
The estimated size was more than 20 meters long. 
Both witnesses noted that the object did not emit any kind of sound. 
Moments before starting the observation, the witnesses noticed that all the dogs in the area began to howl. Mufon case 113447.


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