Mystery object sending radio signals every 18.18 minutes

Australian researchers have discovered a strange spinning object in the Milky Way they say is unlike anything astronomers have ever seen. 

The object, first spotted by a university student working on his undergraduate thesis, releases a huge burst of radio energy three times every hour. 

According to the pulse comes "every 18.18 minutes, like clockwork," said astrophysicist Natasha Hurley-Walker, who led the investigation after the student's discovery, using a telescope in the Western Australian outback known as the Murchison Widefield Array. 

While there are other objects in the universe that switch on and off, such as pulsars, Hurley-Walker said 18.18 minutes is a frequency that has never been observed before. 

If you do all of the mathematics, you find that they shouldn't have enough power to produce these kind of radio waves every 20 minutes, it just shouldn't be possible the astrophysicist said. 

The object may be something researchers have theorized could exist but have never seen called an "ultra-long period magnetar". It could also be a white dwarf, a remnant of a collapsed star, but that's quite unusual as well. 

On the question of whether the powerful, consistent radio signal from space could have been sent by some other life form, Hurley-Walker conceded that this is not an artificial signal. 

But it is remarkable that the pulse comes every 18.18 minutes like clockwork!

It seems that this object is in relation with time and space, related to the number 9 which is a hidden code that reveals the highest truth of all and is encoded into the construction of our universe. 

Pulse mystery object comes every 18.18 minutes:
Now look
Pulse 18.18 minutes: 1+8-1+8 = 9+9=18=1+8=9 
Pulse 36.36 minutes: 3+6-3+6 = 9+9=18=1+8=9 
Pulse 54.54 minutes: 5+4-5+4 = 9+9=18=1+8=9 

And did you know that the; 
Moon diameter is 2160 miles: 2+1+6+0=9 
Earth diameter is 7920 miles: 7+9+2+0=18 =1+8=9 
Sun diameter is 864 000 miles: 8+6+4=18=1+8=9 
Speed of light is 186,624 miles per second:1+8+6+6+2+4=27 =2+7=9 
and about time;
1440 minutes a day:1+4+4+0=9 
86400 seconds a day: 8+6+4+0+0=18=1+8+0+0=9 
10080 minutes in a week:1+0+0+8+0=9 
525600 minutes in a year:5+2+6+0+0=18=1+8=9 

So, if the number 9 is in relation with space and time then is it a coincidence that this mysterious object emits a radio signal every 18.18 minutes, no it seems to be well calculated by intelligent design possible performed by an unknown higher power of the distant past. 

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