Driver claims to see an 'eyeball-looking' UFO over Hickman Road Des Moines, Iowa

On June 28, 2022 Jacob Ferrell was driving on the Hickman Road near Merle Hay Road, Iowa when he noticed a strange object in sky and though he doesn't know what to make of it, he describes the object as an' eyeball-looking' UFO. 

He said "It was kinda just hovering there in the sky just standing still then I was lookin' up the Elon Musk equipment that he's got up there but this was one object by himself, this was just too weird." 

Asking air traffic control if they got any reports, but haven't heard back and the flight radar around Des Moines last night only shows planes. 

They asked the FAA since they have a legitimate task force for UFOs but the FAA said that they only take reports from pilots and referred them to the National UFO Reporting Center, so Ferrel filed a report with them - that will be investigated.