The Next Age of Earth - A Preview of the Shift

An in-depth analysis of Suspicious0bservers of what we may expect here on earth in the near future 

Unprecedented astronomical events...

1. Changes on planets, stars and sun (1859-Now) 
2. Solar killshot (Technological) - (2020s/2030s) 
3. Weather, animals, the solar red and black (2030s) 
4. Solar micronova event (2030s/2040s) 
5. Shell impact, Arc discharge (within hours) 
6. Whole planet electrical insult (within minutes) 
7. Earth turns over, impactors, cold (begins immediately - lasts days/weeks) 

Coincidental or not but the analysis of Suspicious0bservers is comparable with some of Baba Vanga's predictions, that a big astronomical event will occur as Earth's orbit will change and as a result of this event, it could have catastrophic consequences on Earth as well as the Earth will be hit by an unprecedented solar storm on a scale the world has never before seen.

Is a disaster unfolding?