Another large balloon has been spotted near Honolulu, Hawaii

Currently multiple commercial flights flying through the area have reported through ACARS seeing the large white balloon around 500 Miles to the East of Honolulu putting this potential balloon at 40-50,000 feet high. 

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Will the US Air Force also shoot this balloon out of the sky? 

All these objects shot down by the US Air Force the last weeks have nothing to do with aliens. As Neil deGrasse Tyson said during an interview with CNN: "We have expensive planes and expensive missiles to pop balloons, and that's odd, but Ok that's fine to protect the airspace, Do I think these are visiting aliens? It would be odd. If they were aliens moving across the galaxy and dropping some balloons, oh what aliens would do?" 

It is clear that there is more to it than we are being told, and it is not just about these balloons and unknown objects shot down by the US Airforce. They know what is coming and they are preparing for it. 

The fact that a truckdriver (see video below) has driven for the last few days truckloads of products from the Kraft Foods plant which is an American food manufacturing to deliver it to the Springfield Underground base says enough that they are preparing for something that is going to take place on a large scale.