UFO hovered over USAF Nuclear Weapons Storage in Guam

Topic 1. Rumors of a cover-up that life signatures in Trappist-1 star system were found by James Web Telescope.
Topic 2. Whose Amber Lights Hovered Over USAF Nuclear Weapons Storage in Guam? 

Webb telescope just started peering at the fascinating TRAPPIST planets - NASA started reporting on TRAPPIST system in 2018.

- Aerospace whistleblower claims our government already knows about intelligent life in TRAPPIST system.
- “the fourth planet out…designated E1”
- “very similar to our earth” 
- JWST data on first TRAPPIST-1 planet closest to red dwarf sun - “It sucks!” 
- “we already know that TRAPPIST-1 has two planets that have intelligent life” 

Interview with “Terry”, retired Staff Sargeant, US Air Force.
- Saw UFO on October 17, 1979 over Andersen AFB, Guam 
- UFO spotted over weapons storage area (WSA) 
- “we could clearly see 3 amber lights in a row…over the runways of the WSA”
- “we watch these lights for…maybe 2 minutes” 
- “3 amber lights in a straight line…500 feet above us” - “suspicious lights…” 
- “we were sworn to secrecy” - “they had no idea what it is” 
- “UFOs over bases with nuclear weapons” 
- “Guam has a history of UFO sightings”