Astrophysicist caught spacecraft of the secret Star Wars project

John L Walson : "This person, Gerry Gilmore FInstP ScD, Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Institute of Astronomy Cambridge, said this after looking at my telescope footage, he must have knowledge of the Star Wars project to know what they look like to make the this comment. 

Gerry Gilmore FInstP ScD: "Hello and my congratulations on your superb astrophotography You are clearly getting some images at almost the diffraction limit of your telescope. In the very sharpest images there are hints of diffraction rings visible on the edges of the satellites." 

"That is of course the absolute limit of optical performance, and is only rarely attained. Interestingly, the process you have, of using a high-quality imaging system, with fast read-out, and then selecting the rare `perfect' images is something which has been developed and applied somewhat by one of my colleagues here."

"The MIT Lincoln Laboratory (located in Lexington, Massachusetts, is a United States Department of Defense federally funded research and development center chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security) is the group which has built some of the things you are seeing. Much of what they do is what used to be the Star wars project, which no doubt involves some of your objects. They don't talk about the military satellites, of course, but there are many discussions of earth surveillance, and related issues. It is distributed only to academic organizations." 

In the following video, John L Watson and John Lear show us such a highly advanced Star Wars-like spacecraft and while the craft looks alien it is more likely a man-made space weapon that is in orbit around a large body such as a planet, like earth or the moon. Official there are no known operative orbital weapons systems but the craft captured by John L Walson and the comment made by Gerry Gilmore FInstP ScD proves otherwise.