These local fishermen from Brazil were almost pulled downwards into a sinkhole

Two fishermen from Franca, Brazil had a frightening experience when a sinkhole suddenly opened up beneath their jon boat, pulling it down into the murky depths of the water. The incident was caught on video, showing the men struggling to keep their boat from sinking as everything around them was pulled downward. 

Image credit: LPE360 

Remarkably, the size of the boat proved to be just right, with the front and back staying on land and spanning the length of the sinkhole. After the boat became stuck in the mud and debris rescuers used a crane to lift the fishermen to safety.

These two men were lucky to survive, it could also have ended worse, like what happened to a 36 year-old Florida man who fell into a sinkhole that opened suddenly at night beneath the bedroom of his suburban Tampa home, in 2013, calling out to his brother for help as he fell and although the brother of the man, frantically tried to help his brother, he did not survived the fall into the sinkhole