Aliens are real and they are hiding this deep within the Vatican's Closed Archives

This Vatican insider revealed they are hiding this deep within the Vatican's closed archives. Today, we take a look at what this Vatican insider said. 

The possibility of discovering signs of advanced life and beings is not typically associated with major religious institutions, including the Vatican but according to the director of the Vatican observatory, Dr Jose Funes, new evidence suggests that the Vatican may possess evidence of the existence of advanced life, and could be concealing their existence from the public. 

Back in In 2008, Dr. José Funes already said that intelligent beings created could exist in outer space. Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space. And some aliens could even be free from original sin. 

In 2009, Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences said that even the seat of the Catholic church, the Vatican, had agreed that aliens existed and in 2010, The Pope's astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, said intelligent aliens may be living among the stars and are likely to have souls. 

The late prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples Corrado Balducci, a theologian of the Roman Curia perhaps most clearly spoke out about the existence of extraterrestrials. Balducci has said repeatedly that extraterrestrial contact is real and that there are aliens among us. 

From left to right: José Funes , Lachezar Filipov , Guy Consolmagno , Corrado Balducci 

Not only Funes, Filipov, Consolmagno and Balducci actually confirm that the Vatican may possess evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial advanced life, in the 1920's a highly educated Russian scientist Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig was able to study amazing ancient manuscripts during his sojourn in the Vatican’s library containing information about extraterrestrials that had visited our planet. In addition, Professor Ludvig mentioned that the library contained manuscripts about alchemy and ancient codes 

History has been suppressed in the biggest, long-term cover-up ever and the Vatican knows all the secrets.