Russian scientists risked everything to investigate UFO cases and incidents

During the darkest days of the Cold War, leaders in the USSR publicly described the UFO mystery as a capitalist plot, unworthy of scientific study. But behind the scenes, communist dictators held a much different view. 

They authorized secret scientific studies of UFOs. For decades, individual scientists and academic groups throughout the USSR surreptitiously investigated UFO cases and incidents, at the risk of imprisonment - or worse. Most of their work wasn’t made public until the fall of the USSR in the early 90’s. 

But even after the fall of the USSR in the early 1990s, the cover-up of UFO incidents continues, similar to the UFO cover-up in the U.S. 

A famous case of a cover-up is the UFO that landed in Ostankino, Russia

A real event that happened in 1995 and has been covered up since. The video has suddenly disappeared
and the witnesses have probably been manipulated to remain silent on this event. Only three images have surfaced and show the landing of a huge extraterrestrial spacecraft that took place right in the suburb of Ostankino, which is located in the suburbs of Moscow. In the above 3 photo sequences, which should be part of a video, you can see 2 people, presumably of the Russian military, who closely observe the landing of the alien aircraft.

Journalist George Knapp traveled to Russia twice in the 90’s and spoke with scientists who had never before appeared on camera to discuss their work. In this episode, he and Jeremy Corbell review the courageous work done by Russian scientists during dangerous times.