Triangular UFO filmed near Mount Puig Campana, Spain

This triangular UFO or eventually a TR3B antigravity craft from which it is said that it is a part of a secret space project was sighted on May 8, 2023 from L'Alfàs del Pi in Spain, near Mount Puig Campana. The camera that was used was an NVG10. 

When the witness was asked why you didn't film the object for longer, he replied "Because I couldn't follow it any further from that position (I had the tripod tilted on 1 leg just to keep following it and would have to turn the whole tripod and find it again (in the dark and disoriented as to where it was at that moment). I lost it there and then but I was excited enough with what I captured." 

The witness believes the area around the mountain to be a UFO hotspot for sighting and activities with this footage as proof.