Dr. Steven Greer: UFO whistleblowers drop bombshell on D.C. - Secrets Antarctica station, secret space program and more

Two day ago, Dr. Steven Greer held a stunning UFO disclosure press event at Washington's D.C. press club. Led by renowned researchers, members of the military, defense contractors and former government officials, this conference revealed shocking testimony about the secrets of an Antarctica station, the secret space program, reverse engineered alien craft, and massive crimes and cover up. 


Michael Herrera former US Marine who witnessed a (deep state) UFO in Indonesia See our article, dated: June 6, 2023 - Former Marine witnessed UFO being loaded with weapons by unmarked US forces in Indonesie 

Steven Digma former US Army who witnessed a UFO he was not supposed to see that left him brain damaged as a result of an explosion and microwave pulse coming from the UFO. 

Eric Hecker, Raytheon contractor worked at the Ice Cube Neutrino observatory at Antarctica from 2010-2011. The observatory constructed at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. 

Scientists bored 86 holes in the ice. Each hole is almost 2.5 kilometers deep and about 60 centimeters wide and contains 60 basketball-sized sensors, what they call DOMS. Totally there are 5160 sensors embedded in the ice which actually can transmit 2470 volt each. 

The station do what they say, it is designed to look for point sources of neutrinos in the teraelectronvolt (TeV) range to explore the highest-energy astrophysical processes... but it does much more... 

Eric Hecker states that this Antarctica station is a huge air traffic control power station that monitors all interstellar craft that be operated by humans as well as non-humans. 

Besides, he says that the thousands of sensors located under the Antarctic ice, distributed over a cubic kilometer is effectively a direct energy weapon platform. 

And according to Eric it also is used for faster than light communications for example to and from the secret space fleet, discovered by Gary McKinnon in 2002 by hacking United States military and NASA computers. 

Eric also witnessed a powerful green laser on top of this facility beaming into the cosmos; he believes this is a secondary form of long range communications or defense system. 

It should come as no surprise that Google Earth has covered the area in the center of Antarctica where the Ice Cube Neutrino observatory is located. 

Like Steven Greer said: The biggest secret is not the extraterrestrial issue, it is the technology developed by the deep state through the capture and reverse engineering of alien craft over the years (The secret retrieval UFO program) and the use of this technology which is a threat to the national security. The deep state (cabal) is all running this, they are running all these UAPs and more including the secret space program. 

The deep state is happy to take billions of your tax money, not only to fund their black (UFO/UAP) projects, but also to scare you into believing the aliens are a threat, eventually allowing them to launch a false flag alien invasion, with the aim of establishing a world government. 

In the video below redacted host Clayton Morris walks us through the highlights of the UFO event including the live testimonies from the several speakers. (Watch the first 35 minutes of the video.)