Former Marine witnessed UFO being loaded with weapons by unmarked US forces in Indonesie

Isn't it striking that these days we hear new revelations almost daily about UFOs and non-human beings that have been witnessed by civilians and the military, like the former intelligence official who claimed that the U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin and the bizarre story of a Las Vegas family who claimed that they saw aliens after something crashed in their backyard. 

Yet, just two days later again two new amazing stories; of a former Marine who witnessed a hovering octagonal UFO being loaded with weapons by unmarked US forces in Indonesia and military individuals who claim that not only the US has a secret UFO retrieval program but that 12 or more non human space craft in custody of the U S Government. 

Regardless of whether all these confessions are true or false, the question is for how long the Government as well as the Cabal can keep secret the existence of their own UFO program and the existence of non human craft. The larger and more complex a program is, the more difficult it becomes to keep it a secret. If the UFO program involves a significant number of individuals, resources, and facilities, the chances of leaks or disclosures increase. 

At first there is the former Marine, Michael Herrera, who has recently broken a 14-year silence to make an astonishing claim about an incident that allegedly took place during his service in Indonesia in 2009. According to Herrera, he and his five comrades witnessed a hovering octagonal UFO being loaded with weapons by unmarked US forces. He further alleges that they were threatened at gunpoint by these unidentified personnel. 

Herrera, who was 20 years old at the time, was deployed on a Navy humanitarian mission following the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami. In an interview with, he describes how his six-man unit encountered the mysterious craft while guarding an airdrop of aid supplies outside the city of Padang in October 2009. 

Herrera said that the UFO was rotating in a clockwise motion, changing colors, and emitting an audible hum resembling that of a transformer or a guitar amp. It had an octagonal shape with a black pyramid at the top. 

And second, it seems as there are 12 or more non human space craft in custody of the U S Government. 

According to, this is not the first time government officials have suggested that the U.S. may possess alien spaceships. "I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials," said the late Senator Harry Reid, who fought for greater disclosure. 

Former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon, recently reported that he has spoken to more than four witnesses who say they know of "a secret U.S. government program involving the analysis and exploitation of materials recovered from off-world craft. 

The individuals said they had seen or been presented with "credible" and "verifiable" evidence that the U.S. government, and U.S. military contractors, possess at least 12 or more alien space crafts, some of which they shared with AARO, which AARO has refused to provide to Congress. 

Some of the same sources who shared information with former intelligence official Grusch, as well as others, spoke to public about retrieved spacecraft that they say is in the possession of the U.S. government. "I know of at least 12-15 craft and every five years, we get one or two recovered for one reason or another, from either a landing or that we catch, or they just crash." said one person.