Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after something crashed in their backyard

Before you read the whole story, it is quite possible that this Las Vegas event is a false flag operation and part of a (alien/UFO) project managed by the Cabal to create a one world government. 

On the evening of April 30, 2023, several people across eastern California, Nevada, and Utah reported seeing a flash in the sky around 11:50 p.m. what follows is that a man in Las Vegas called 911 to report that he and his family had witnessed something falling from the sky and crashed in their backyard. They also claimed to have seen two moving creatures in their backyard. 

911 call: 

Caller: There's like an 8 foot person...beside it and another one's inside and it has big eyes and it's looking at us and it's still there 

911: Ok, where is this on your property 

Caller: In my backyard, I swear to god this is not a joke. This is actually, we...we...we're terrified 

911: So there's two people or... two subjects that are in your backyard? 

Caller: Correct and they are very large...they're like 8 foot, 9 foot, I don't know, they look like aliens to us. Big eyes...they have big eyes, like, I can't explain it and big um, mouth, they're shiny eyes and, they're not human, they're 100%, they're not human

911: Okay 

Around 11:50 p.m., the Las Vegas Metro police arrived at the scene for investigation: See the body camera video (obtained by the 8 News investigators) from both of the officers which shows one officer walking into the backyard to investigate but Metro police blacked out that part of his body camera video citing privacy laws. 

The mystery deepens when considering that, even after more than a month of investigation, it remained unclear what exactly had crashed or landed in the family's backyard. 

The blacked-out portion of the body camera footage due to privacy laws adds another layer of intrigue and raises questions about the nature of the event. It's unclear why privacy laws would be a concern in this particular case. 

A strange story which leaves room for speculation and further investigation. Where is the crashed object, where are the two aliens.  

Isn't it a coincidence that within one week, first a whistleblower claimed that US military is hiding UFO retrieval program and now people see aliens in their backyard. I think that the whistleblower case and the Las Vegas case is a set up, organized with the help of paid actors and is part of a secret project to frighten people regarding aliens with the ultimate goal to realize a one world government. 

Frightening people by fake stories that people see aliens is not enough to realize a one world government, the infamous tic-tac UFOS are part of the plan. These UAPs are man-made, not made by the US, Russia or China but made by space agencies who are working closely with the Cabal or Illuminati and they are the owners of the tic-tac UFOs/UAPs. 

Probably there will be more of these kind of fake alien stories in the near future to scare people, until the Cabal starts to use the tic-tac UFOs to attack civilian and military targets in the air and on the ground with disastrous results. A fake alien invasion, which has nothing to do with the so-called blue beam project with the ultimate goal to create a one world government. 

As of the nature and origin of the Las Vegas object, as well as the existence of any non-human beings, remained unknown at the time of the report, which doesn't surprise us.