Letter exposes top-secret reverse engineering UFO programs involving the Five Eyes Alliance

The release of a new document by investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, pertaining to an alleged multinational coordination of UFO/UAP reverse-engineering programs, has brought further attention to the UFO coverup. 

According to the document, a confidential letter, dated 22 March 2023, sent by a veteran Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada to the nation's Defense Minister, with specific details outlined regarding an ongoing program within the "Five Eyes" alliance (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand). This program supposedly aims to analyze and reverse-engineer exotic materials acquired from crashed UFOs. 

The letter, authored by MP Larry Maguire, (See article and video of Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp)  suggests that some of the materials being analyzed date back to the early 1950s. 

Isn't it a coincidence that in a short time frame (so-called) whistleblowers have come forward, like David Charles Grusch, the mainstream media continue to publish amazing stories about alien encounters, crashed UFOs, whatever, and now a letter is being released showing the existence of multinational coordination of UFO/UAP reverse engineering programs. 

But as with any new information or document, things may not be all they seem! All the UFO news from the last period published by the main stream media, government agencies and whistleblowers could maybe a psyop, a psychological military operation, eventually designed by the "Five Eyes" alliance to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and even foreign governments on this issue for reasons still unknown to us, but it is clear that something is going on behind the scenes. 

In the video below we delve into the secretive world of unidentified flying objects and government involvement with Dr. Michael Salla who also analysis the letter from MP Larry Maguire.  

Besides, Dr. Michael Salla states that there is ongoing program within the "Five Eyes" alliance whereby Australia has been chosen to host the production of reverse engineered spacecraft (man-made UFOs) including the secret space fleet. Large facilities have been built in a remote area in Australia, thousands of miles from the largest cities to produce these craft.