Do UFOs and non-human beings come from different realities or dimensions?

Jacque Vallee is the legendary French UFO researcher who formed the basis for Steven Spielberg's eccentric scientist in Close Encounters of The Third Kind. He has worked with every prominent player in UFOology since the 60's including Dr. J. Alan Hynek who served as the Chief Science Advisor to project Blue Book, the Airforce's UFO investigation program from 52'-69'. 

Vallée's investigation and analysis lead to a compelling hypothesis - that the UFO sightings and associated paranormal events could be indications of interactions with beings or entities originating from different realities or dimensions beyond our conventional understanding, reports

Dr. J. Alan Hynek, in his own speculations, contemplates the existence of alternate universes governed by different quantum rules or vibration rates. He proposes that our perceived space-time continuum might be merely a slice of a larger and more complex universe, encompassing multiple dimensions yet to be fully understood. 

Delving deeper into these mysteries, UFO whistleblower David Grusch theorizes that certain non-human intelligences might manifest within our reality, existing in a four-dimensional realm, while their true origins lie in higher-dimensional planes (5D, 6D, or even beyond) that intersect with our earthly realm. 

This perspective opens up new and intriguing possibilities, suggesting that our encounters with UFOs might not be isolated incidents from distant planets, but rather interactions with entities existing in parallel dimensions, offering a broader and more mysterious aspect to the UFO phenomenon. 

On Jesse Michels' show, Jacques Vallée delves into an intriguing UFO case that involves a witness experiencing a seemingly otherworldly dimension. Vallée recounts the story of a woman in San Jose who had a remarkable encounter. 

The woman reported seeing a large disc-shaped object hovering over her house, approximately the same size as her residence. Vallée inquired further, asking about her experience inside the craft. She described encountering a mysterious being who guided her up a staircase that led to a vast, round room resembling a movie theater, much larger than her own home. 

This extraordinary account unveils the idea that UFO encounters may not be limited to mere physical sightings but may involve encounters with entities or beings from different dimensions. Such experiences challenge conventional beliefs and open doors to the possibility of interdimensional phenomena. See full video at: