Mysterious Orb burst into a bright green color before disappearing into space

An orb what looks like some form of energy appears from behind the trees, hits the roof of a house, whereupon the orb then burst into a bright green color before bouncing off of the roof into space at a very high rate of speed. 

As MrMBB333 states: I don't think it was any type of a bird, as we see no wings flapping, besides, I don't know how a bird could have burst into a bright green color like it did right there when it made contact with the roof and then it remained illuminated as it took off into the nighttime sky. 

What could this mysterious object have been? Something supernatural, a natural phenomenon or could it have been an alien probe under intelligent control? Orbs, spheres, it is a phenomenon that is not yet understood. 

Location: Garrison New York - July 26, 2023 at 9.33 pm. 

Take a look at the rare orb footage, which starts at about the 8.09 minutes in the video.