UFO Whistleblower: U.S. recovered nonhuman biological pilots from crashed UFOs

During the congressional hearing Wednesday, David Grusch, a former high-ranking intelligence official, who is one of three military whistleblowers testified under oath, asserted that the US government has had possession of UFOs since as early as the 1930s. 

He also disclosed that these highly advanced crafts have been subject to covert back-engineering efforts, aiming to unlock their remarkable capabilities. He further claimed that the government has actively engaged in a disinformation campaign to conceal these classified activities and prevent any public leaks of sensitive information. 

Grush also stated that several members of Congress possessing top-secret clearances have reportedly been denied access to military bases containing information related to UAP/UFOs and he suggested that people have been harmed and murdered by the US government as part of the conspiracy to keep UFOs a secret. 

He goes on to say that certain military industrial complex companies may be inflating costs for government projects and weapons as a means to generate additional funds for secretive black budget projects including the engineering of their own UAPs/UFOs. 

And perhaps the most significant statement from Grush is that he had interviewed government officials who had direct knowledge of UAPs/UFOs with "nonhuman" origins, and that these so-called "biologics" (pilots) were recovered from some crashed UAPs/UFOs. 

In the video below Grush talks and confirms that U.S. recovered nonhuman biological pilots from crashed UFOs.