We're done with the UFO cover-up!

Last Monday Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee tweeted that the House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing next week about UFOs, officially called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) as well as he wrote that we're done with the cover-ups. Indeed, we're done with the UFO cover-ups and people need answers but it's not a recent issue. Back in 1992/1993 already there was a grass-roots disclosure activism movement whose purpose was to demand the end of the UFO cover-up, and more specifically, to end to all sociological/political suppression of extra-terrestrial contact. 

This disclosure activism movement 'Operation Right To Know', which is still active on Facebook, was founded in 1992 by Ed Komarek and Mike Jamieson. 

It started in the US, but then spread to the UK as well. Several demonstrations were held, including two demonstrations at the White House. The second one, in July 1993, received mainstream media attention. 

The idea of the first White House demonstration was to make the statement to the UFO community that a UFO cover up was first and foremost a political problem deserving of political solutions. They believed that because the data was being manipulated for political reasons one could not do good scientific work on the subject. They believed that the UFO community had been covertly redirected away from political solutions and into ineffective scientific solutions from the time of the Late Donald Keyhoe. 

In the second demonstration, see video below, the idea was to prod the mainstream press into getting involved even if the propagandists in the press tried to make us look silly which they did their best to do. Heavy hitting SETI debunkers like Dr. Frank Drake had to come on at 3 the next morning to debunk them. They hoped that if they made a big enough stir in spite of the ridicule and the debunking some in the press would think that where there is smoke their may be fire. Soon afterward shows began to appear on TV like Sightings.


Unfortunately, they were unable to ignite a widespread uprising in the public domain a impossible task at the time. But times have changed significantly since the days of Operation Right To Know (ORTK), and the UFO phenomenon has indeed gained substantial attention across various media platforms. In recent years, there has been a notable shift in public interest and acceptance of the possibility of extraterrestrial encounters. 

With the rise of social media and alternative news outlets, UFO-related information and sightings have become more accessible and widely discussed. Additionally, mainstream media has been covering UFO-related stories with greater frequency and seriousness, shedding more light on the subject. 

The pressure on governments to address the UFO issue transparently has intensified. there have been efforts by bipartisan groups of senators in the United States to push for greater UFO disclosure. If such efforts gain momentum and public support, it could lead to the declassification of government records related to UFOs, potentially revealing more information about past encounters and investigations. 

It's important to note that government agencies, such as The Pentagon, may be influenced by congressional inquiries, which could prompt them to take a more transparent approach in sharing what they know about UFOs. 

But despite the increasing attention from various media sources and the involvement of government officials in seeking disclosure it is the question whether the government is going to come out and tell the people what they know about UFOs. 

Well, as I said, it's not a recent issue, they've been lying and covering this up for almost 80 years and now they are going to suddenly tell the truth? I hope I'm wrong but I don't see it happen soon but as time goes on, we may witness further developments and revelations in the realm of UFO disclosure, driven by the changing attitudes of both the public and those in positions of authority.