Terrified Peruvian villagers report attacks by tall aliens

Residents of a rural district in Alto Nanay, situated northeast of Lima, Peru, say that beings from other worlds have invaded their indigenous community and that they have had to defend themselves with shots. 

They have raised concerns about a series of alarming encounters with strange entities. These beings, reportedly measuring 7 feet tall and armored, bear a startling resemblance to the Green Goblin character from Spider-Man. 

Distressed villagers claim that these extraterrestrial creatures possess large heads and yellowish eyes, initiating nightly assaults on their community since July 11. 

Among the troubling incidents is a report involving a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly seized from behind and sustained an injury to her neck when she resisted. 

Jairo Reátegui Ávila, a prominent community leader said: "These beings have the distinctive ability to levitate, utilizing spherical footwear with a red luminescence on the heel. I have shot at one of them twice but he did not fall, though levitated and vanished." 

Fearing for their safety, the villagers are now appealing to the Peruvian military for intervention and protection against these extraterrestrial intrusions. 

Government authorities have conducted visits to the area and surveyed the village's vicinity, including the site of the purported attack on the teenager. However, it remains uncertain whether any evidence can be found to substantiate the villagers' claims or whether the government intends to deploy military personnel to ensure long-term security in the region. 

The footage below shows terrified people and the moment in which they shoot at the supposed beings. One person described the entities as giants that are almost seven feet tall and that they wear suits that look like astronauts.